HCMA has offered classes in karate, fencing and martial fitness in the Cincinnati area since 1996, when Jeff Hudson started teaching Kwanmukan karate in Glendale, Ohio at the Harry Whiting Brown Community Center, known to residents as "the Scout House," because it's used by the local Boy Scout troop. 

A year later, living in Lebanon, Ohio, he began teaching fencing at the Countryside YMCASeveral years after that, he and his family moved back to Glendale, where he continued teaching karate and driving to Lebanon each week for fencing.

A few years after that, Mr Hudson contacted Charles Flatt, whom he had met while fencing at the Cincinnati Fencing Club, to start a fencing program at the Scout House. Their vision was not only teaching students, but also a place for instructors to meet and improve their skills. "Steel sharpens steel."

In 2007, Mr Flatt began studying karate with Mr Hudson, promoting to black belt in 2011. He was reminded that "black belt is the beginning of your learning, not the end." With that in mind, and inspired by his wife who had recently earned her yoga instructor's certificate, in 2014 Mr Flatt took over the Countryside fencing program

Some of our favorite sayings:

Kwan mu do: The way of no barriers!

Steel sharpens steel

We train in the discomfort zone

Emulate your future self