231 East Sharon Rd, Glendale, OH 45246

Karate . . .

is a great activity! Among its many benefits, it improves


  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Self confidence
  • Memory
  • Situational problem solving
  • Healthy conflict resolution
  • Cooperation


Our focus is on skills and character, and our students promote to rank when they fulfill the requirements. We're a traditional dojo, but we also have fun because we believe that excellence is fun. It's also hard work, and we teach our students to recognize success through effort.




Uniforms are required after a month of attendance. A student uniform starts at around $30. There are additional fees for promotions. These fees are paid to the International Kwanmukan, which is the governing body for our system.


About the Kwanmukan


(taken from the website)


The International Kwanumkan (KMK) consists of thousands of members worldwide and is the foremost organization for promotion and education in martial arts. With an international presence and broad base of martial arts experience, the Kwanmukan brings together the best of the martial arts world.

The founder of the Kwanmukan, Grandmaster George E. Anderson, was a recognized 10th Degree Black Belt in many martial arts organizations.

Individuals and organizations who have helped the International Kwanmukan develop include Robert A. Trias, founder of the United States Karate Association; Masafumi Suzuki, founder of Nippon Seibukan; Sadaki Nakabayashi of the Kodokan; and Park Chull Hee, founder of Kangdukwon, all very important grandmasters.

Kwanmukan members participate in the highest levels of karate, jujitsu, taekwondo (Changmookwan, Songmookwan and Kangdukwon), kobudo, kwan-bup, Tai-ki, kung fu, and Aiki-jitsu as well as Law Enforcement training through the Professional Self Defense Institute - PSDI.

The International Kwanmukan provides legitimate and recognized ranking and its members are recognized by major National and International Federations USA Karate Federation (USAKF), the US Ju-jitsu Federation (USJJF), the Police Survival and Defense Institute (PSDI), the Central Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan (CTA - CMK), The Kobudokan (US Kobudo), the Global Martial Arts Assn. (Chinese Martial Arts), and the Kangdukwon.

In addition to rank grading, we sponsor and sanction fair and proper competition, clinics and seminars and issue licenses for coaching and refereeing. We also have resources for counseling on how to manage a successful dojo including curriculum development.

The International Kwanmukan does not solicit membership but readily accepts those who hold honor, loyalty, courtesy, and respect as vital personal qualities.