231 East Sharon Rd, Glendale, OH 45246



Karate is a great activity! Among its many benefits, it improves


  • Fitness

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Self confidence

  • Memory

  • Situational problem solving

  • Healthy conflict resolution

  • Cooperation


Our focus is on skills and character, and our students promote to rank when they fulfill the requirements. We're a traditional dojo, but we also have fun because we believe that excellence is fun. It's also hard work, and we teach our students to recognize success through effort.



"Steel sharpens steel" embodies our approach to fencing. Fencing is an athletic, fast sport that demands much from both body and mind, hence it is often referred to as "physical chess." Olympic-style fencing is just part of the long history of the blade! HCMA teaches all levels of fencing. We primarily teach group classes, and include electric fencing when possible. Classes cover technical and strategic aspects of fencing. Students learn to help each other improve, and respectful conduct is required. Everyone works hard, plays hard, and has a great time pursuing excellence.


We teach foil and epee, but not sabre, though we can get a student started with sabre.