Instructors and Contact

HCMA has many excellent teachers with a wealth of experience. Our primary instructors are below.

Jeff Hudson

Mr Hudson began fencing in high school, and karate in college, both of these in the early 80s. He is a 5th Dan black belt and a member of the Shihan board for the International Kwanmukan. Mr Hudson was a student of Grand Master George Anderson. As a fencer, Mr Hudson has been a member of the USA Veteran's Epee Team, competing in the 2014 World Championships. He studied with Ray Bautista. When not involved in athletics, Mr Hudson performs cockpit accommodation studies for the US Air Force. He is a biological anthropologist, and enjoys playing electric bass and overseas motorcycle trips.

Charles L Flatt

Mr Flatt has been fencing since 1994, starting at the Cincinnati Fencing Club. He took lessons from Ed Wright, and coached the Xavier University Fencing Club for several years.

In 2007, Mr Flatt began studying karate with Mr Hudson, and he currently holds 3rd Dan rank.

When not teaching fitness, he is a software engineer, actor, violinist, and greyhound adoption activist. His wife is a certified yoga instructor, from whom he has stolen some moves.

Kyle Roat

Mr Roat first studied fencing with Mr Hudson at the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio. In college, he was a member of the highly regarded Ohio State University fencing team. In his non-fencing time, he enjoys watching football and sampling craft beers.